DEC provides construction services from site development, vertical construction of the building, and interior build-out of the individual units.

We have an outstanding reputation of working with permitting officials, engineers, architects, subcontractors, building inspectors, and end users in order to insure delivery of the final product in the promised timeframe.

DESIGN: To the extent possible, DEC participates in the design process for the site, the building, and the build-out of the individual units. Our participation in this process will often lead to substantial savings in time and construction costs.

PERMITTING: DEC works closely with the various permitting departments in order to make sure that comments are addressed by the Engineers and Architects as rapidly as possible so the permit can be obtained and construction commenced.

PRICING: DEC submits an invitation to bid to three or more subcontractors in each construction discipline. Upon receipt of proposals, a pricing matrix is prepared to finalize the proposal price. DEC Construction will add a reasonable markup for Profit & Overhead. Prior to contract, DEC will provide a detailed proposal of all construction costs rather than a lump sum proposal.

LICENSES AND INSURANCE: We are fully insured and licensed with both workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance.

OCCUPIED ENVIRONMENTS: We specialize in working in an occupied environment without disrupting ongoing business operations.

When necessary:
A. We work during non-business hours.
B. We create a clean room environment.
C. We wet sand.
D. When possible, we fabricate offsite.
E. In short, we do whatever it takes to protect the business operations.

VALUE ENGINEERING: We provide consulting services with architects and engineers in order to value engineer the project and facilitate permitting. It is not unusual to substantially reduce the construction cost of a project through early plan review.

Example: When an architect specifies a product brand on the plans (such as Sesco Lighting), that product must be used. Sesco Lighting is an excellent product but there are many other products that are comparable. If the architect adds “or the equivalent” to the plans, this allows you to use a substitute product that may significantly reduce the construction costs.

MAINTENANCE & REPAIR: As part of our commitment to customer service, we also provide maintenance and repair service. If we are not the appropriate company to provide the service, we are always happy to refer a quality contractor to you.

IN-HOUSE CONSTRUCTION: Depending on the size of the job and required completion timeframe, we perform many of our construction services in-house. Our in-house services include: concrete, block, framing, drywall, insulation, acoustical ceilings, cabinets, painting, texturing, and finish carpentry.

SUBCONTRACTORS: We only use subcontractors that are properly licensed and insured. Our contractors must be sufficiently experienced and staffed to deliver a high quality construction product in the allotted time frame. Finally, they must be able to deliver their services at a price that is competitive with other contractors.

AFFILIATED CONTRACTOR: In order to expand the geographic area of our operations as well as access additional expertise, we have affiliated with another local general contractor. Our affiliated company works throughout the Southeast and has a specialty in medical facilities. They also have their own cabinet and paint shops. They recently completed a Don Shula Steak House in St. Louis, as well as a new cafeteria for Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs. They are currently remodeling another floor of Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs (they have been the contractor for over 200 projects for Florida Hospital).